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About Keiko Japanese Organic Green Tea    

About Keiko Japanese Organic Green Tea
Keiko green tea is grown in the region of Kagoshima, in the southern part of Japan, home of the still-active volcano, Sakurajima. The banishment of chemical fertilizers and pesticides along with the ideal growing conditions and the most sophisticated production techniques guarantee optimum quality and complex flavour.


Premium organic japanese tea from Kagoshima

shaded tea under kabuse (nets)

Following age-old tradition, the tea bushes are shade-grown under special nets, called Kabuse. The nets let just half of the sun's rays through.

Growing semi-shaded comes close to the natural light conditions of the wild tea bush. The shaded tea develops more active substances and a distinct, fresh, highly aromatic scent.

"Life is too short to drink an ordinary green tea."

Why choose organic green tea?

21 Japanese green teas were tested by "Stiftung Warentest,” a German foundation that rates and tests consumer goods.

  • 17 were found strongly contaminated with pesticides.
  • 2 were clearly contaminated,
  • 1 lightly contaminated,
  • 1 was free of all contamination: KEIKO
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