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we rely on the best sources for organic tea and tisanes. These include Ronnefeldt selected tea since 1823 and Sonnentor organic herbal tea. Our suppliers have a long history of expertise and commitment to procuring the finest teas.

Enjoy a selection of choice and rare teas

The Tea Store
Ronnefeldt Ronnefeldt has a world-wide reputation for the highest quality in tea and is served where great importance is attached in satisfying the most demanding palate. Ronnefeldt supplies a large number of first class hotels in Europe and increasingly throughout the world.

Experience the tranquility of a traditional tea ceremony with organic matcha and beautiful tea accessories from japan.

The Ronnefeldt tilting teapot is just one example of the unique tea paraphernalia that you will find at The Tea Store. Choose from a variety of filters, from paper to stainless steel brewing baskets.
All our black tea as well as green tea is either classified as organic tea or has been checked by independent food laboratories for residue of herbicides and pesticides. The same standard is applied to our herbal tea and fruit infusions. We will only offer fine tea that has met the criteria of Europe's most demanding tea tasters.
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