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Keiko Japanese Organic Green Tea    

Keiko Japanese Organic Green Tea
Unlike black tea, green tea is not fermented. Normally, the enzymes contained in freshly plucked tea leaves cause fermentation to automatically set in: to avoid this, green tea leaves are briefly dried with heat immediately after plucking.

Premium organic japanese tea from Kagoshima

Keiko green tea is shade-grown under special nets, called Kabuse. The nets let just half of the sun's rays through. Growing semi-shaded comes close to the natural light conditions of the wild tea bush. The shaded tea develops more active substances and a distinct, fresh, highly aromatic scent.
From the first and second harvest, more delicate than the usual late harvest Banchas. It is low in caffeine, suitable for drinking later in the day. Fresh green color and harmonious aroma.

50g/ $9.95 USD
Kabuse No. 3
A third harvest picking Kabuse with a pleasing tangy aroma.
50g/ $11.95 USD
Genmaicha Matcha
A traditional specialty, second harvest leaves and leaf veins mixed with roasted rice (Genmai) and fresh matcha powder. A heavenly green color with a pleasant nutty character.
50g/ $12.95 USD
A roasted Kabuse Kukicha. It has a fresh, pleasant roast flavour.
50g/ $10.95 USD
Kabuse Kukicha
Made from stems and leaves of the first picking. It has a mild flavour, and the infusion is grass green with a fresh fragrance. This tea is also low in caffeine.
50g/ $14.95 USD
Kabuse No. 2
A lively green Kabuse from the June harvest, with good aroma and a finely fragrant cup.
50g/ $13.95 USD
Kabuse No. 1
This is the best tea from the first main harvest. Full active aroma, a fluorescent green cup with a wonderful fresh scent.
50g/ $19.95 USD
"Scent of Heaven" is a pre-harvest picking. The aroma of the greenest among the Keiko teas is fresh and lively. The pleasant after taste lingers for a long time.
50g/ $29.95 USD
Tenbu "Dance in Heaven"
A rarity even in Japan. A very soft tea with a flowery aroma without any trace of bitterness. It has a boundless lingering taste, a lively scent and the infusion is deep green.
50g/ $49.95 USD
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