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Matcha Japanese Tea Accessories    

Matcha has been enjoyed spiritually, medicinally, and as an uplifting beverage in Japan for close to 1000 years, give or take a century or two. We offer a number of accessories used in the preparation of matcha. These beautiful tools serve an integral role in the traditional japanese tea ceremony.

Matcha and accessories
Organic Matcha Organic Matcha
Japanese powdered organic green tea.
20 gr/ $18.95 USD
50 gr/ $24.95 USD
Matcha Bowl Matcha Bowl "Chawan"
$39.95 USD
Drink matcha out of this elegant handmade Japanese ceramic tea bowl.
Bamboo Wisk Bamboo Wisk "Chasen"
$22.95 USD
Whip up the perfect matcha with this traditional bamboo whisk.
Bamboo Scoop Bamboo Scoop "Chashaku"
$4.95 USD
Measure out just the right amount of matcha with this tradtional bamboo spoon
Wisk Stand Wisk Stand
$13.95 USD
Keep your Bamboo Wisk in its original shape while drying on this light aqua green ceramic stand. Made in Japan.
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