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Ronnefeldt Teavelope    

Ronnefeldt TeavelopeŽ
The Ronnefeldt TeavelopeŽ is a tea bag with an innovative aroma seal. The individual flavour of each portion of tea is sealed in a pouch made of environment friendly olipropylene foil. Neither fragrance, aroma nor flavour can escape. The tea is protected from external influences, which means that it tastes just as nature intended.
TeavelopeŽ with its own aroma seal is a hygienic and and environmental friendly way to serve exquisite teas.
Just in time for the holidays— a warming blend of rooibos, cinnamon, cloves and orange.
25 bags $10.95 USD
  TeavelopeŽ English Breakfast
Full-bodied tea with a tangy richness and sparkling flavour: from the Uva district.
25 bags $10.95 USD
TeavelopeŽ Assam
A robust Assam with malty, spicy character.
25 bags $10.95 USD
TeavelopeŽ Darjeeling
Top quality Darjeeling of flowery elegance and delicious aroma.
25 bags $10.95 USD
TeavelopeŽ Earl Grey
A very special Earl Grey on a Darjeeling tea leaf makes this a refreshing tea with a citrus aroma.
25 bags $10.95 USD
TeavelopeŽ Classic Green
A superb Japanese green tea with a typical bitter-sweet note.
25 bags $10.95 USD
TeavelopeŽ Rooibos Vanilla
Natural vanilla bring out the full-bodied taste of this wholesome South African herbal infusion.
25 bags $10.95 USD
TeavelopeŽ Lemon Sky
An explosion of fruity freshness: simultaneously sparkling and refreshing with a taste of lemon.
25 bags $10.95 USD
TeavelopeŽ Peppermint
Peppermint's natural menthol refreshes and relaxes.
25 bags $10.95 USD

TeavelopeŽ Chamomile
Chamomile tea has a pleasant and relaxing effect.

Tangy and aromatic.
25 bags $10.95 USD

TeavelopeŽ Black to Relax
A lively caffeine-free black tea from Sumatra.

25 bags $10.95 USD

TeavelopeŽ Green Angel
Green tea with the taste of pear and peach; both tart and sweet


25 bags $10.95 USD

TeavelopeŽ Jasmine
A delicate flavored green tea with delicate jasmine petals.


25 bags $10.95 USD
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