Ronnefeldt “Tilting” Teapot

Ronnefeldt “Tilting” Teapot


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  • .4 L fluid capacity
  • 2 lids
  • White porcelain
  • In USD currency
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This exclusive Ronnefeldt porcelain teapot is both functional and conversational – the design allows it to be placed both upright and on its side! This clever design provides maximum water flow amongst the loose tea leaves. There are three (3) resting positions for this teapot:

  1. Upright – Just like a traditional teapot
  2. Tilted – the teapot can rest at 45 degrees
  3. On its side – the teapot can rest at 90 degrees allowing every ounce of water to flow amongst the tea leaves

Teapot holds .4L of water and comes with two (2) lids.



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